What is Flipkart Assured ? How will Flipkart Assured benefit customers


Expires on 2016-12-31

Flipkart Assured, a new quality and speed badge applied to select products in key categories, is the new benchmark in online shopping. All customers on Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce marketplace, will be upgraded to a higher standard of quality and speed assurance. Flipkart Assured, India’s first ‘Quality and Speed Assurance’ program, guarantees that high quality products are delivered to customers in the fastest time possible. Customers across India can now avail of free delivery within 2-4 days on Flipkart Assured products above Rs 500.


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How will Flipkart Assured benefit customers?

Customers shopping on the Flipkart platform will see products identified by a ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge. This badge identifies high quality products that have passed six rigorous quality checks. They are packed to specifications, and dispatched safely for speedy delivery. These products are from our best sellers. Flipkart Assured products of a value greater than ₹500 will be shipped absolutely free of charge.


What does the badge ‘Flipkart Assured’ mean?-

The ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge is a seal of quality and speed. Products with this badge meet our extensive quality & packaging guidelines along with having faster delivery times.

With stringent seller & product selection combined with fast & free* delivery, ‘Flipkart Assured’ guarantees a superior and hassle-free shopping experience every time you shop on Flipkart.

*Free shipping for orders above Rs. 500

Is ‘Flipkart Advantage’ the same as ‘Flipkart Assured’?-

No. While ‘Flipkart Advantage’ was a tag for all products from sellers who used our partner warehouse services, the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge is given to select items basis their performance on product quality attributes and availability for faster delivery.

What are the benefits of buying a Product with a ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge?-

Customers who buy a ‘Flipkart Assured’ product will enjoy the assurance of stringent seller and product quality checks, transit safe packaging and fast & free delivery* from our best sellers.

*Free shipping for orders above Rs. 500
Is there a filter available through which I can only see items with a ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge?-

Yes! There is a filter available through which you can shop only for items with the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge on our website, mobile site & mobile app.

Do I have to pay extra for the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badged products?-

No – this service is available to all our customers at no additional cost