Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offers

Expires on 2018-07-31


Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offers

Mobile phone exchange offer on Flipkart lets you exchange your old mobile for a new mobile at the right prices. With new mobiles emerging in the market frequently, all smartphone lovers would be curious to buy latest mobiles online and operate them in order to enjoy the new technological experience.

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Mobile phone exchange offer on Flipkart- Ensure the best price for your device

The Flipkart mobile exchange offer allows you to buy a new mobile phone online by paying only a small portion of the original price of the phone and exchanging the device that you own for it. The amount that gets deducted from the original mobile price of the new device depends on the model and the brand of the phone that you are using for the exchange. However, there are a number of questions in the minds of customers who look at making use of this exchange program. Some of these questions are answered below:

1. How can I exchange my old mobile with a new mobile on Flipkart?

Answer: To exchange your old phone with a new one you have to simply follow these steps:

1. From the ‘mobiles’ page on Flipkart, select the mobile you wish to buy.

2. On the product page of the device, you will see an option called ‘Buy with exchange’ on the right hand side of the product image. Click on it

3. Now, you will find two drop downs from where you will have to select the mobile brand and corresponding model that you are planning to exchange for the new phone.

4. You will also have to enter the IMEI number on your device in the space provided.

5. When you enter the required details, you will be displayed the amount that will get deducted from the original price of the new mobile and the amount that you will have to pay.

6. Now you can click on ‘Exchange and Buy’ and proceed to buy the new phone.

2. Will I be able to exchange my phone for any new phone on Flipkart ?

Answer: No. This offer is applicable on selected models only.

3. How can I deliver the phone that I have to Flipkart?

Answer: One of our Flipkart personnel will reach your doorstep to pick up the device from you.

4. Can I get an exchange for my old phone if it’s not in working condition?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Flipkart requires the mobile to be in working condition and the display screen to be intact and functional.

5.How can I ensure that I am getting the right price for my exchanged mobile?

Answer: Experts in Flipkart have created a pro rate value against every mobile that can be exchanged on Flipkart. This ensures that the buyer gets a fair price.